To begin using School Buddy services (app or website), you'll need to register for an account. Your account will be available for you to access no matter what device you're logging in from.

Information you'll be asked for:

  • Your name (First + Last)

  • Your email

  • A username (This will be used for you to log in. Every user has a unique username)

  • A password (Don't worry, we use advanced technology to make sure your password is hashed and hidden from unwanted eyes)

  • A referral ID (This field is optional. If someone gave you their User ID, enter this here so they earn credit for referring you)

To create an account on iOS:

  • Open the School Buddy app

  • Tap Signup

  • Fill out the required information

  • If you were given a referral code, enter it in the referral code field. This is not required.

  • Tap Signup

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