School Buddy for Schools is a new communication platform that allows school administrators or group/organization leaders to connect with students and the community around them. Using this new platform, you're able to send a phone call to your contact list, publish in-app announcements, send push notifications*, publish your current bell schedule*, and so much more -- all at a super competitive price.

Anyone is able to signup for the platform, but it is recommended that you are authorized to represent the organization that you are signing up for.

When signing up...

Although anyone can signup for the platform, it is recommended that you abide by the following general guidelines:

  • You must represent the school or group you are registering (principal, superintendent, board member, leader, etc.)

  • When entering your email, make sure it is one where you are able to receive messages and billing invoices

  • You understand that although it is not required, you will need to upgrade the account from the Billing page in the dashboard to get started using features

To create an organization on the platform, please check out the following page (you'll need to be signed into School Buddy when submitting):

Team School Buddy reserves the right to update the general guidelines at any time as well as remove a school without providing reason.

*Not all features are avalible at launch. Some features are expected to launch in the coming months.

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