Campaigns on School Buddy for Schools create an easy way for school administrators to reach the community and students around them. At the moment, there are two different campaign types: announcements and calls. Support for other types of campaigns (such as emails and push notifications) will be available at no additional cost in the future.


To create an announcement campaign, the school must be subscribed to any of the paid plans.

An announcement on School Buddy is an easy way to send text to members of that school. You can stylize the text, add tables, add images, etc. by creating the announcement inside of the editor. Announcements can be viewed by school members (users that joined using the school shortcode) inside of the School Buddy app and website.


To create a call campaign, the school must be subscribed to the Grow or Pro plan as this functionality is not available with the Basic package.

Calls are sent to all members of your contact list. A contact does not need to join the school inside of School Buddy to receive phone calls.

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